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Information Technology

Problems and Solutions


It’s embarrassing to have the celebrant introduce the slideshow, only to leave guests waiting for it to start, or worse, for it not to start at all.


Plus – interruptions such as slides stopping and starting abruptly or having black screens or gaps between photos (common with some free software) can detract from the experience.


And even if created by well meaning AV-savvy friends, some slideshow presentations, may not be compatible with the equipment at some venues.


Inadequate audio levels or disruptive feedback noises can make guests uncomfortable.


The venue has a TV or screen, and the manager and his staff are very helpful, but will they have the; time, expertise and desire to run your slideshow?


AV-savvy family members or friends offer to set up the reflection of life slideshow for the funeral.

They may get busy and struggle to get the file completed in time. Even if they do succeed, will the venue have a compatible set up for your use?


Specialised software, will significantly enhance the overall look and feel of the service.

We will:

  • provide an appropriate theme to suit your loved one's lifestyle,

  • create a seamless transition between slides,

  • insert your videos, if applicable, and

  • add in your chosen music – timed to flow perfectly.


And, we pre-test everything to make sure it all works.


Regularly monitoring and adjusting the microphone levels for different speakers will ensure they are clearly heard by the audience.


Check with the venue beforehand, to make sure your slideshow and music will definitely play on the day.


Hire a dedicated professional to produce and run the pictorial presentation, then supply and/or monitor the Audio Visual equipment so that you and your family can relax and be present for the ceremony and reflections of life.

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