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Make your Memorial service Memorable... for all the right reasons.

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Have you ever attended a funeral or memorial – looking forward to reminiscing about someone’s life; hearing their stories, seeing their many photos with family and friends ... and then when the celebrant introduced the reflection of life slideshow...

– Maybe the music; didn’t work, was too soft or too loud?
– Maybe the photos didn’t load properly, or

– Maybe they were someone else’s photos?

The technical nightmare of a poor Audio Visual (AV) set-up can spoil an otherwise beautiful farewell ceremony.

Professional Audio Visual Services for Funerals and Memorials

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Hello, I'm Andrew Ternes,


Having conducted hundreds of funerals, I know how a professionally run service should look and feel.


My experience in the funeral and music industries helps me to deliver a seamless memorial service, saving you and your family undue worry and stress.

It's worth considering whether a family member or friend wants the responsibility of setting up and running the venue AV system, (if the venue will allow it) and then being able to relax and know it will all go according to plan.

I will ask the right questions and help you explore various options that could make all the difference – to create a service the way you would like it to be.


Contact me for a no-obligation chat at any time.

Our Services

Reflections of Life Services

From audio visual equipment rental to complete event production, we offer a wide range of services to meet your needs.


With reliable software, we create seamless transitions between slides, adding in timed music and varied themes, to significantly enhance the overall look and feel of the service for you and your guests.

Event Production

Our consulting and design services help you plan and implement audio visual solutions tailored to your specific requirements.

PA System

Our professional Public Address system is used to monitor and adjust audio levels to ensure clear and audible speech and perfect music quality during the service. 

Screen Hire

If your chosen venue doesn’t have a screen, (or you’d like a larger one) we can arrange hire and set up of the right size screen to suit your needs

Video Streaming

Live Streaming / filming provides family and friends who cannot attend your memorial service to watch in real time and gives you a memento to view at a later date as well.

Celebrants & MCs

We can connect you with excellent celebrants or an MC to suit your family's needs.


"Mum's celebration of life was so perfect and I'm sure she would have felt it was a perfect send off for her."
Elise Leslie
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